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Natural Beige Herringbone Pure New Wool Blanket Throw 06

Where are the blankets made?

We are proud to say that all of our blankets are 100% British, being woven in traditional textile mills in all four home nations. They are designed by gifted creatives and woven by expert craftspeople in a time-honoured way.

How do I care for my blanket?

Wool is naturally stain and odour resistant. However, we know accidents happen so to ‘freshen up’ your blanket or for light stains we suggest ‘airing’ your blanket outside to loosen and remove dirt and dust.

Should your blanket require a deeper clean we recommend dry cleaning to ensure it remains in the best condition possible. Always dry clean cashmere and alpaca blankets and throws.

We do not recommend machine washing as this can alter the shape, size and texture of your blanket. However, if you do decide to wash your blanket ensure a gentle, cool wool, silk or 30°c or less wash is selected. Use a suitable wool detergent and fabric softener (optional) in the drawer rather than in the machine to reduce agitation and select the lowest possible spin cycle.

Handwashing is a great option and the easiest way to hand wash your wool is to fill the bath with lukewarm water (30°c or less), add a suitable wool detergent, mix well and fully submerge the blanket and leave to soak for 10 minutes. For any areas that require more attention gently rub with your fingers. Avoid rubbing the wool against itself as it is the friction that causes shrinkage and bobbling. Rinse well with clean water a couple of times.

Drying your wool blanket is the most important step, do not be tempted to wring or hang it to dry as this will definitely cause stretching and misshape your beautiful blanket. Instead, gently press out as much water as possible, lay flat onto towels and roll up like a sausage again press out excess water. Finish with a gentle reshape and lay flat to dry.

To keep your blankets in tip top condition, prolong their lifespan and reduce our impact on the planet keep washing to a minimum. We cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused to a blanket through washing.

How quickly is my order despatched?

Orders are usually despatched the next working day subject to stock availability. However please allow 2 working days during busy times.

UK orders are usually sent out using Royal Mail 2nd class signed for service with aimed delivery 3 days.

Next Day delivery can be selected at an additional charge, order must be placed before 12pm and excludes Saturday delivery.

For International order please contact us for delivery details.

Can I order a blanket as a gift to be sent to the recipient direct?

Yes, of course. Ensure that the recipients delivery details are entered into the delivery section of your order. If you would like a handwritten gift tag attached, please ensure you include your message in the additional information section with To: From: and a short message. We will omit the receipt from the parcel.

What is the difference in wool types?

Cashmere Blankets

The epitome of pure luxury and indulgence, our premium cashmere blankets are absolutely exquisite. Feather light and supremely soft they are the perfect antidote to our hectic lives.

Cashmere wool is a fibre obtained from cashmere goats, fine in texture it is also strong, light and soft and provides excellent insulation. The double fleece produced by cashmere goats consists of a coarse outer guard hair that must be separated from the fine, soft under-down which can then be dyed and converted into yarn.

Our cashmere blankets are an investment into luxury and indulgence but one that will last a lifetime.

Alpaca Blankets

With many similarities to sheep's wool, alpaca wool is not only much warmer but is luxuriously soft and silky. A durable fibre which unlike sheep's wool contains no lanolin thus making it hypoallergenic, these qualities stand alpaca wool in high regard and it is often considered as the 'fibre of the gods'.

Prevalent on the catwalks and influential in home interior styling, alpaca wool is very much in demand and deemed the connoisseurs choice.

With their versatility, diverse natural colour range and inherent softness our alpaca blankets are a 'must have' accessory for the interior as an elegant sofa throw or lightweight, insulating bed blanket and yet they are delicate and practical enough to be worn as a wrap on chilly evenings and perfect for use whilst travelling.

Indulge yourself or someone you love with the timeless gift of a gorgeous alpaca blanket