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COVID 19 Offer

COVID 19 Super Special Offer

We know that this pandemic is causing many of us a multitude of problems and challenges. Whilst we cannot help with most of these we hope to be able to introduce a little thoughtfulness, love and warmth into your homes, lives and the homes and lives of those around you.

Whether you are working from home and need an extra layer to keep cosy and productive without the worry of increasing the heating. Or have loved one in a care home in much need of a comforting, warm hug. A keyworker who would like nothing more than a cuddle up with a luxurious blanket and cup (or glass) of something after a long day at work. Are you organising an outdoor, socially distanced, get together with your mum, best friend or neighbour and want an extra layer about your shoulders. Do you simply want to say 'thank you' or 'I'm thinking of you' - we hope that this offer will help out and say all those things.

Delivery is free to the UK and direct to the receipient to avoid exessive handling. We are more than happy to include a personal handwritten note. Please do contact us if we can help any other way.