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100% Recycled Random Wool Picnic Rugs

Size: 2 sizes available


100% Recycled Random Wool Picnic Rugs

These fabulous Random Rugs are exceptional. Made from recycled fibres they are a sustainable quality blanket and proving to be extremely popular.

Available in two great sizes making them perfect for anywhere and a multitude of uses.

Random by name, random by nature - due to the re-spinning process no two blankets are the same, each is totally unique and individual in colour combination.

However all are beautiful and perfect for enjoying the great outdoors adding comfort whilst picnicing, warmth at sporting events, a cosy layer whilst camping or as an essential piece of kit in the car. A must have for any impromptu alfresco moments and at a fabulous price.

Size:s SMALL: 150cm x 120cm, LARGE: 150cm x 183cm
Fibre Content: 100% Recycled Wool
Origin: Wales
Care Instructions: Cold Wash
Colours available: Random
We also recommend: Pink Fleece and Tweed Waterproof Picnic Blanket

Please note that colours may vary from those shown in the images. Please contact us and we will try to accommodate specific colour requests or be daring and opt for a surprise, you can't go far wrong!

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